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Telecom Power System
HRESYS BC-OPZV Series Power Solution is designed based on HRESYS advanced Gel lead acid batteries and well-designed battery cabinet to protect batteries from extreme working conditions. It is aiming on providing a reliable, safe and easy-to-installation power solution ...
HRESYS TPS-LFP Series is a flexible and scalable lithium-ion battery based power solution for a wide variety of energy storage applications, i.e. Telecom, UPS, Residential and C&I ESS, etc. It consists of HRESYS TL-LFP Lithium Ion batteries, Central ...
HRESYS 5GS Lithium Ion Battery is applied to telecom backup power system, especially for 5G micro sites power backup.  With the support by HRESYS BMS, the battery is well monitored without additional maintenance required, and it is easy ...

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