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HRESYS Battery Energy Storage System(BESS) is designed based on high performance Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery rack, and it has also integrated with HRESYS Battery Management System, Thermal Management System, Alarming System, etc. It is compatible to most of the Power Conversion System in the market, and it is also provided with smart Energy Management System with remote monitoring for option. HRESYS BESS is an idea energy storage solution for Grid-scale and C&I applications. 

 LFP Cell --- LFP Module     ---     LFP Rack/Cabinet       ---        LFP ESS Container 

LFP Cell

HRESYS optimizes advanced LFP cell technology and battery system to ensure high safety and long service life.
Multi-measures in structure design to ensure battery cell safety

Anti-explosion valve

Thermal Management 

Fuse to protect from over-charge

LFP Module

The LFP Module is standardized, modular design system based on high energy density, high safety, long life  LFP cell, single cell capacity 50Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah

Using standard module design to increase product reliability and convenience Mass production, this flexible design can accommodate system sizes from a few hundred kilowatts to tens of megawatts.

LFP Rack/Cabinet
The battery rack/cabinet is designed based on standardized LFP modules. The capacity of one  rack/cabinet can vary from tens of kWh to several hundred kWh. Voltage level and capacity can be customized.

LFP ESS Container

HRESYS Energy Storage Cabinets/Containers is a modular high density solution that is built and tested to reduce project risk, shorten timelines and cut installation costs. The Battery Management Unit actively balances the safety, life and performance of each cell, extending battery life. The modular system has multiple installation and is configured to minimize operation and maintenance expenses over the life of the project with all weather capabilities and high efficiency cooling system.
HRESYS Energy Storage Cabinets/Containers are mainly applied for electrical energy storage system, large scale UPS system and other relevant applications.



Technical Features

 Specifications of Typical LFP ESS Container

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