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Unmanned Ariel Vehicles


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Reserve Power
Energy Storage
Motive Power
SLI Battery
CF series
The CF series is high cycle front terminal VRLA battery in both cycle and float applications even in hottest and harshest environment. By combining innovational horizontal plate design ...
BC-OPzV Series Battery Cabinet
HRESYS BC-OPZV Series Power Solution is designed based on HRESYS advanced Gel lead acid batteries and well-designed battery cabinet to protect batteries from extreme working conditions. It is ...
TL-LFP Series
TL-LFP Series Lithium-ion Battery is a series of 48V battery packs utlizing advanced LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology and smart integrated BMS with the benefits of long cycle ...
OPzV Series Battery
With the rubust die cast positive tubular plate design and fumed gelled electrolyte, HRESYS OPzV series offers excellent deep cycling life and high level reliability with ...

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